About Us_

Most fighters practice the tangibles.
The best master the intangibles.

Street Smarts highlights the connection
between our perceptions and
peak performance and teaches fighters
how to execute from their perceptions,
emulating the greatest of all times.

About Us_

Most fighters practice the tangibles.
The best master the intangibles.

Street Smarts highlights the connection
between our perceptions and
peak performance and teaches fighters
how to execute from their perceptions,
emulating the greatest of all times.

Who We Are

  • Nir Moriah

    CEO & Founder StreetSmarts


    Nir Moriah


    US National Champion

    US Olympic Training Partner London 2012


    My Story

    From age 14, I started competing and training internationally. My travels took me to the best teams, coaches and organizations in the world. From Korea to Spain, Russia and France, and eventually to Houston, Texas where I joined Steven Lopez and his family at the Elite Taekwondo Center.

    Two patterns emerged from my experiences. First, it was clear that the intangibles drove performance more than any physical attribute or strategy. Second, there was a lack of understanding of the role our perceptions played in greatness.

    My business mentor, the previous NBA Commissioner, David Stern, thought my approach to performance enhancement might help Kobe Bryant’s efforts in transmitting his Mamba Mentality to athletes of all fields.

    That’s where Street Smarts was born. Street Smarts offers insight into the minds, hearts, and beliefs of combat sport icons. We teach fighters the connection between their perceptions and peak performance, provide them the scientific foundations for that insight, and a method for tying their perceptions to their training and fighting.

    I want to wish each and everyone of you my heartfelt encouragement as you pursue your dreams. Our job is to help you be great, it’s up to you to become the greatest of all time.

    Good luck!

  • Steven Lopez

    Olympic Taekwondo Champion


    Steven Lopez


    5 x World Champion

    2 x Olympic Champion


    My Story

    Faith has always been a cornerstone in my family, and my ability to apply faith under pressure was my superpower. While I had both the guidance and freedom to explore and master my power, I noticed that others often struggled with understanding such intangibles.

    How do you put your finger on illusive ideas like faith or the human spirit?

    Although it’s difficult to capture and convey the intangibles of peak performance, I do know that they aren’t taught through a mere repetition of X’s and O’s. You need to get behind the scenes, underneath the surface, and you need a language.

    That’s why I teamed up with Street Smarts. They provide a language that distills the intangibles of greatness and deliver a methodology for implementing those intangibles in your training and performance.

    Age tends to give you perspective. As an athlete I wanted to inspire others through my performance. Now, I want to impart my knowledge to the next generation. I hope the insight I’ve gained over the course of my career will help you fulfill your dreams, build on my experience, and one day, allow you to pass your lessons on as well.

    Trust the process, 
    enjoy the journey 
    and God bless.

  • Dr. John Eliot

    Sports Psychology Mentor


    Dr. John Eliot


    Ph.D. Organizational Psychology 

    M.Ed. Organizational Psychology 

    A.B. Neuroscience

    My Story 

    As a son of a former US Olympic Ski coach, I was always interested in human performance. My parents emphasized the importance of pushing the limits, or as my father called it “building a better mousetrap.” 

    As an adult I took a specific interest in the impact psychological “intangibles” such as creativity, passion, willpower, intuition, ingenuity, focus, faith, and foresight, had on human performance. Of particular interest, was how these variables are identified, measured, evaluated, enhanced and taught to improve performance. 

    Street Smarts’ focus on perception, the role such an intangible plays in greatness, and their cutting edge approach to talent development, fit right in with my pursuits

    It is my strong belief that everyone can become world class at perception, and that the lessons learned throughout this platform will help its users make quantum leaps in their performance.

Competitive Edge_

Research shows that mastery of a skill typically takes 10,000 hours of focused work.
While many people invest the time, only a select few grasp where to direct their focus.

Street Smarts is here to change that.

  • Often has difficulty identifying the principles of peak performance

  • Isn’t sure how to implement new lessons into everyday training.

  • Doesn’t know where they are on their path to greatness.

  • Spends tens of thousands of dollars traveling
    the world to acquire knowledge.

  • Receive distilled principles and organized methods from champions and experts.

  • Have a blueprint for adapting these principles into their training cycle, workout, and each individual drill.

  • Understand the steps to greatness 
    and how to progress from step to step.

  • Spend $200 to access a lifetime of lessons 
    from the best of the best.

Frequently Asked


  • How do I get the most out of my subscription?

    Your subscription grants you one year of unlimited access to the content. The site is designed for you to regularly engage with the material, learn and implement the lessons, and repeat the process according to your individual rate of progress.

  • How long is the video footage?

    Street Smarts offers 5.5 hours of footage broken up into four episodes. Each episode is between 75-115 minutes long.

  • Is there sample content I can view before I decide to subscribe?

    Yes. Street Smarts offers unlimited access to our Free Preview section. This section features select content from our in-depth interviews.

  • Do you offer translations to the content?

    Yes. Street Smarts currently offers English and Spanish subtitles, and will be adding more languages in the coming months.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Street Smarts does not offer refunds. Please take your time to explore the site, course descriptions, and Free Preview section before finalizing your purchase.

  • What do I do if I have questions about what I’ve learned on the platform?

    Write your questions down, send them in, and we will address recurring themes on our platform and social media accounts.

  • What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept most major credit cards including: 1. VISA 2. VISA Debit 3. MasterCard 4. Discover 5. JCB 6. American Express

  • Who do I contact if I have a problem with my subscription?

    You can contact [email protected] with any issues you may be experiencing with the platform.

  • Does Street Smarts offer one on one workouts or consultations with any of the experts?

    Street Smarts does not offer private workouts or consultations with any of the experts, but plan on offering training camps where you can receive more personal guidance.

  • Is the Taekwondo content currently offered applicable to other disciplines?

    Yes. Our focus on “Perception,” and its role in pressure packed environments like combat sports, makes this platform a valuable learning tool for all high performing athletes.

Make the Intangible Tangible

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